The idea for Vintage Vibes first came about in 2008 and has steadily grown over the past three years to become one of the most well known vintage inspired labels on the web.

It was established with the idea of creating beautiful and original pieces that combine the essence of the past with a modern edge.

Every piece is individually created by hand using a combination of high quality recycled and vintage fabrics, embellishments and new designer cottons so you can guarantee that no two will ever be identical.

Made to the highest standards and finished with that individual vintage touch. These one of a kind piece’s are sure to be treasured for years to come.

Children don’t really care if what they are wearing is trendy, they do however want a pocket large enough to put shells and leaves in! With this in mind all of Vintage Vibes clothing is designed to be easy and enjoyable for your child to wear.

Inspiration strikes in different ways, so you will occasionally find mobiles, bunting, baby booties and toys also listed for sale.

By purchasing a Vintage Vibes item, you are also making a fair trade, eco friendly clothing choice as you are guaranteed the products are all made locally using as much recycled materials as possible.

To view the current range of clothing available from Vintage Vibes please check out Stylish Girls .